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All Day with Sue Nelson - Your Number One Source For Multi-Family, Real Estate & Note Education!

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Town Place Suites
2009 S. National
Springfield, MO 65804

We Will Help You:

  • Make massive profits buying REO’s and Notes Directly from Banks
  • Identify a great deal within minutes
  • Get past the gate keepers and have them open their inventory to you
  • Maximize your profits from the strategy of your choice; Wholesaling, Flipping, Joint Vetures, Buy and Hold, etc . . .
  • Take advantage of the banking crisis, regardless of where you’re located and from the comfort of your home and regardless of your experience

“I totally agree with what you said about if you know what you are talking about, you speak the lingo and the PDF you have as a part of your kit is terrific, as for asking the right questions and if you have some confidence when talking to brokers. I have never been asked for proof of funds, ever! If you talk to them and tell them what you want, it’s amazing! They will do anything for you!” - John from TX

“Hey Sue I went through the book, circled, underlined, and highlighted and I completely get that there is so much love in that book. It was so clear to me and it is like you’ve done it with your heart in it.” - Saleen from NY


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Up To 9/21/2017
Members: $39.00 -- Non-Members: $69.00

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Members: $49.00 -- Non-Members: $79.00

Date: Saturday, October 21, 2017
Time: 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Town Place Suites
2009 S. National
Springfield, MO 65804

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